Stop just thinking about the future,

start creating it!

We Offer

Consulting in the field of hardware and network solutions

Import / export of electronic devices

Technical reports

Proprietary hardware solutions

Trade for companies

We take care of everything from beginning to end of the process

Implementation at the client’s worksite

Products and services adapted to the environment they need to function in

Tailor-made projects

Delivery, assembly, and configuration

We have experience in the field of quality assurance, automation and test process management.

Quality built on years of experience, automation and test process management

In So Hardware, steganography is used for proprietary solutions, which is a less common equivalent of ordinary cryptography. Thanks to this process, the security of the company and the information stored in it increases significantly.

So Hardware Infinite Solutions

International Company

Support for various industries



PLC automation

Heavy industry (oil and gas pipeline inspections)

Introducing thoughtful and innovative methods in the ICT industry is a guarantee of success – especially when it is combined with solid experience.

So Hardware was created with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind to support their development from the early stages. The international nature of the company allows for a significant expansion of services, which translates into effective acquisition of repeat customers. In addition, behind the success of the project is a comprehensive approach in the field of consulting, as well as the supply of network or electronic devices, primarily for corporate clients.